A cutting edge cyber security and forensic company.

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Born in UAE, at home in the region, Protect is providing a full range of cyber security and forensic services through a team of experienced professionals.

Our clients are industry leaders in technology, defense and finance.

Our Services

We protect Enterprises, Governments and Individuals from advanced threats through a comprehensive range of tools. We provide cyber and information security consulting and advisory, perform next generation intrusion detection and penetration testing; manage incident response in case of a breach, provide cutting edge mobile forensic analysis services. We'll also help you recover and remediate in the event of an attack.

Protect is one of a handful of companies in the region that cover the full spectrum of cyber security and digital forensic needs.


Protect is one of a handful of companies in the region that cover the full spectrum of cyber security and digital forensic needs.

Our team is composed of multi-disciplinary experts with years of hands-on experience. We are able to deploy ad hoc task forces to react on imminent threats.

Our offer include:

  • Next Generation Penetration Test
  • Security Engineering
  • Vulnerability Research & Code Review

Mobile Forensic

We develop and integrate tools to recover data from a smartphone or tablet to gather evidence that will stand up in court, knowing where to turn can be confusing. We specialize on data recovery on iOS and Android platforms. Our tools and approach can handle encrypted data – more and more a standard requirement for forensic analysis.

At Protect, we understand how important the information on mobile devices is. We can duplicate and document any evidence that is present on a mobile device in a way that can be utilized in court. We can recover data that was accidentally or purposely deleted.

R&D Services

To be up-to-date with the ever-changing scenarios of cyber threads and tools to counter them, we run our own Research & Development center. This enables us to test 3rd party products in a realistic environment before we deploy them and expose your systems to the wild. Our researchers are prominent contributors on security research conferences around the globe making sure that you are always provided with cutting edge technology and solutions that mitigate today’s challenges.


We offer the full lifecycle of cyber security: From R&D over system assessment up to designing and implementing matching solutions. From high level design to low-level implementation of latest technology everything integrated out of one hand. No worries about responsibility; no worries about technology innovation. As we are vendor independent, you can be sure to receive always the solution that matches your priorities best.

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To inquire about any of our offerings or for press inquiries kindly contact us at sales@protected.ae